Fall Lawn care webinar


Fall is the perfect time to repair any lawn damage. As lawns go dormant, a few simple techniques may make the difference for beautiful spring lawns, says James Theuri, University of Illinois Extension educator. 

"Fall weather means there is less watering to do maybe and fewer mowings," Theuri says. "The shorter days and cooler night weather allow for easier seed germination."

A free online webinar will provide tips for fall lawn care, including raking the lawn, mowing , watering, maintenance, aeration, dethatching, fertilizing, re-seeding, and over-seeding the lawn, as well as pest and disease issues.

Register online by Sept. 23 to receive access information. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate, or for more information, contact Theuri at jtheu50@illinois.edu or call 217-300-9518. Early requests are encouraged.

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Noon - 1 PM