2020 truly has been a year like no other for Illinois agriculture. The year started with great hope for a surge in agricultural exports to China as a result of the Phase I trade agreement with China and then the COVID pandemic hit. The pandemic absolutely rocked the global economy and caused the US economy to fall into the worst contraction since the Great Depression. This caused most agricultural prices to plummet and the creation of new ad hoc government programs to assist the sector. Just when it appeared that things might get even worse with large crops this summer, the grain markets took off, with corn prices rising to $4 and soybean prices to $11.

In a year stricken by the coronavirus pandemic and an extremely severe economic contraction, corn and soybean prices have risen to levels that seemed impossible just a couple of months ago. A critical question for 2021 is the likelihood of sustaining corn prices near $4 and soybeans near $11. In this webinar, we discuss the 2021 supply and demand outlook for corn and soybeans and the longer-term outlook for trade with China.

College of Agricultural and Consumer Economics Presenters
Scott Irwin, Chair of Agricultural Marketing, and Joe Janzen, Assistant Professor

The webinar will consist of 30 minutes of presentation and 30 minutes for Q&A. Registration is free. Signing up for this session also gives access to the entire 2020 Virtual Illinois Farm Economic Summit

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