Facts on Supplements woman holding pills

Get the Facts on Supplements

Interested in taking dietary supplements, but not sure if you need them? This webinar helps you understand supplement labels and decide if they're right for you! Presenter: Leila Shinn (RDN, FAND)

Springtime Science Webinar Series

University of Illinois Extension and Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute will present a variety of health topics. All sessions begin at noon on Wednesdays beginning March 3 through April 28. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in these programs, please contact Chelsey Byers at clbyers@illinois.edu. Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time for meeting your access needs. Registration is required for these free, online webinars. 


More webinars in the series

March 10: Hungry for Change: Investigating the Impact of COVID 19 on Food Insecurity
Food insecurity has many implications besides hunger. The pandemic has compounded the burden on 35 million Americans who experience food insecurity. Learn ways to help reduce food insecurity in a COVID-19 environment. Presenter: Ru Liu (RD)

March 17: Free-Radical Fighters: Understanding the Importance of Antioxidants
Antioxidants reduce inflammation and fight off cancer development in the body. Many fruits and vegetables provide natural antioxidant properties. Learn how to increase your daily intake. Presenter: Breanna Metras

March 24: Our Chemical Environment: A Primer on Toxicology and Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals
You've seen the labels that say "BPA free" or "phthalate-free," but what does that actually mean? Understand the important terms related to the chemical environment. Presenter: Megan Woodbury

March 31: Our Chemical Environment: Phthalates, BPA, and the Developing Brain
Chemicals, such as BPA and phthalates, are a popular choice in making water bottles and food packaging because they make plastic flexible, but they also look a lot like hormones. Our bodies have a hard time telling the difference. Learn how hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, shape the developing brain and how chemicals, such as BPA and phthalates, can mess with this process. Presenter: Elli Sellinger

April 7: Stand Up Against Sitting Down: The Benefits of Sitting Less
Have you been thinking about how much you've been sitting during this pandemic? Hear the latest research on sedentary behavior and the impact of excessive sedentary time, as we discuss strategies to replace sitting with physical activity. Presenter: Shelby Keye

April 14: The Myths and Misconceptions of Metabolism
Can specific foods truly boost your metabolism? Does aging inevitably slow it down? In this presentation, learn the most common misconceptions and important factors that affect your metabolism. Presenter: Jonathan Cerna

April 21: Get to Know your Brain: What We Know About Alzheimer's Disease
Did you know that symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease include more than just memory loss? Learn the symptoms of the disease and the latest research on causes and treatments. The webinar will highlight what research says about reducing the risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease. Presenters: Mickeal Key

April 28: Food for Thought: Exploring the Gut-Brain Axis
Have you ever wondered how what you eat can impact your brain? Learn how our gut microbiome could be impacting our brain. Presenter: Corinne Cannavale