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2023 Farmland Owners Conference

barn, silo, and corn field with a blue sky
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Illinois Central College, Academic Building
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There is a lot that goes into owning farmland, even if you are not the one working the land. Landowners are invited to this fast-paced, one-day conference to gain a better understanding of how to best manage and maintain their land, work with the tenant and/or farmer, and plan for the future legacy of the land.

Registration fee includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Participants will hear from 18 agriculture professionals on a wide range of topics.  


  • How to Manage Your Farm
  • How Much is Your Farm Worth
  • Is My Cash Rent the Right Amount?
  • How to Stop Soil Erosion
  • Is My Farmer Using Good Tillage Practices?
  • Do I Have Enough Insurance?
  • What Will Happen with Grain Prices?
  • Do I Need a Farm Manager?
  • What Farm Records Do I Need?
  • What Do I Need to Know About Government Programs?
  • Land Surveys and Boundaries?
  • What Do I Need to Know to Pass My Farm to My Children?
  • Is Farm Tile Worth the Cost?
  • Are Their Legal Issues in Farming I Should Know About?
  • Carbon Credits and Cover Crops?
  • Is Organic Production Profitable?
  • Is My Farmer Current on Modern Production Practices?
  • Annie’s Project, a national non-profit to educate and empower women will conduct a meeting about that national organization.

This program is coordinated by University of Illinois Extension Farm Business Management and Marketing Educator Kevin Brooks and Illinois Central College Agriculture Professor Pete Fandel.


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