Brain Health & Aging Resources from Illinois Extension

Materials from Illinois Extension's Brain Health & Aging workshop are available

University of Illinois Extension held a workshop on Brain Health & Aging: Strengthening the Brain Through Learning in October. It was done in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute. It included a program on Staying Active to Improve Your Memory and Change Your Brain by Neal Join Neal Cohen, PhD, Director of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute (IHSI), University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. During his presentation, participants learned about the hippocampal memory system, how neuroimaging systems can show quantifiable changes in the brain that can lead to improved memory outcomes.

Materials from Illinois Extension's Brain Health & Aging workshop are available including this recording of the program: Strengthening the Brain through Learning

Wits Workout Curriculum

Also as part of the event, University of Illinois Extension Family Life Educators, Molly Hofer and Chelsey Byers showcased "Wits Workout", their newly developed engaging and interactive brain health curriculum. Wits Workout is a 24-session facilitators guide designed for leaders to conduct their own brain health classes. This educational model serves a need in increasing socialization/reducing isolation, and promoting intellectual engagement in older adult participants, all of which complement current aging brain health research. The success of several ongoing University of Illinois Extension brain health classes statewide prompted efforts to develop this hands-on, easy to use, and ready to go guidebook that can assist facilitators in helping their participants adopt long-term health promoting behaviors.

If you are interested in purchasing the 24 session Wits Workout Facilitator Guide, click here:

Brian Health & Aging Extension Spotlight Podcast from WOC 1420 AM
Click on this link to hear a Brain Health & Aging radio podcast with Chelsey Byers, Family Life Educator, who shares tips, strategies and resources you can use to keep your brain healthy as you age.