Leadership during financial cutbacks

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URBANA, Ill. - During economic recession, local government officials feel pressure to react swiftly. At the same time, they are looking to make good decisions with accurate information, and to make those decisions quickly. Providing leadership during financial crisis is the topic of a University of Illinois Extension webinar to be held at noon on June 5.

"Sometimes, reactions are based on cutback budgeting habits instead of careful management of the current or expected budget deficit," says Nancy Ouedraogo, Extension community and economic development specialist. This presentation will suggest three points to guide cutback budgeting using research from previous recessions: leadership and management of cutback budgeting decisions, framing cutback discussions, and thinking about immediate and long-term strategies. The webinar will also include an update on legislative issues and federal funding from the Illinois Association of County Boards.

The webinar is hosted by Illinois Extension, Illinois Association of County AdministratorsIllinois Association of County Board MembersNorthern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies, and the Northern Illinois University School of Public and Global Affairs.

To attend, register online. If reasonable accommodation is required to participate, contact Ouedraogo. Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time for meeting accommodation needs.

SOURCE: Nancy Ouedraogo, Community and Economic Development Specialist, University of Illinois Extension
WRITER: Judy Mae Bingman, Communications and Marketing Manager, University of Illinois Extension, Email