Local Government Education Webinars: Legislative Updates

Illinois Extension's Community and Economic Development team will host a webinar that highlights new or upcoming legislative changes with a focus on those elements which will directly impact local governments across Illinois. Illinois Extension Local Government Education Webinar: State and Federal Legislative Updates will be hosted live on January 23 and 30, 2020, at 12:00 p.m. Noon.

The webinar is offered in partnership with the Illinois Association of County Board Members. Kelly Murray and Taylor Anderson will discuss recent and potential future changes in legislation at the state levels that will have a direct impact on Illinois local governments. The webinar will feature a curated presentation followed by a Q&A session. Conversation is expected to revolve around impact and intent to develop a better understanding of mandated expectations.

There is no cost to attend the webinar; however, registration is required. University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this program, or for more information, please contact Nancy Ouedraogo at esarey@illinois.edu.

About the speakers

January 23rd at Noon:

Kelly Murray has served as Executive Director for the Illinois Association of County Board Members since 1997. She is a registered lobbyist, has served on several state boards, and has more than 20 years experience in local government relations. Murray previously served with the Illinois Association of Regional Councils, Legislative Consultant for the Taxpayer's Federation of Illinois, and County to County magazine. In 2006, Murray established the Counties of Illinois Risk Management Agency and she is a founder of the Institute for Excellence in County Governance in partnership with the University of Illinois. Recently, Murray administered the Illinois Energy Now Public Sector program in partnership with the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Ameren Illinois, ComEd, and NICOR providing incentives and rebates to local governments for completion of energy efficiency projects.

Taylor Anderson is a registered lobbyist in the State of Illinois and has spent nearly a decade working with the Illinois General Assembly. He has lobbied on behalf of wide and diverse groups of clients including various COG’s and local governments, as well as numerous business entities and corporations. Anderson began his legislative training by interning at several state agencies, including Secretary of State Jesse White’s Office, the Illinois Senate President Emil Jones Revenue Committee, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Legislative Affairs Division, and the Dunn Fellowship serving in the Legislative Office of the Governor, where he helped design and author the bill tracking training website for state agency liaisons. Prior to lobbying, Anderson worked with the Illinois Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Division, where he analyzed voter precincts and researched and authored Chamber Position papers. He also worked with the Illinois Association of County Board Members and Commissioners, organizing seminars for county officials and contributed to various media forums and publications. 

January 30th at Noon:

Eryn Hurley, Associate Legislative Director of Finance, Pensions and Intergovernmental Affairs works with county officials across the nation to set NACo’s policies on matters pertaining to the financial resources of counties, fiscal management, federal assistance, municipal borrowing, county revenues, federal budget, federal tax reform, elections and Native American issues. She also staffed the Human Services and Education Policy Steering Committee and served as a Legislative Assistant. Additionally, Eryn serves as the staff liaison to NACo’s Immigration Reform Task Force and assists this group on issues related to immigration. Other responsibilities include staffing the National Association of County Intergovernmental Relations Officials (NACIRO). Before joining NACo, Eryn worked as an Environmental Assistant at the Accord Group where she worked with the organization’s clientele on matters pertaining to sustainability, conversation and public health.