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Teens And Money: No failure to launch

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In this episode, Extension Educator Camaya Wallace Bechard and Kathy Sweedler discuss the topic of teens and money, and explore some tricks and tips for talking to your teen about money, how we can support money management in teens, as well as current research on the socialization of teens surrounding money. For more resources, check out our new website at for more resources! Research cited: Veronica Deenanath, Sharon M. Danes, and Juyoung Jang, Purposive and Unintentional Family Financial Socialization, Subjective Financial Knowledge, and Financial Behavior of High School Students, (2019), Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, v 30, n 1, p. 83-96. Resources: Money as You Grow series, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Money Conversation Starters for Parents & Children, University of Minnesota Extension,
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