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Ep. 149 All About Mulch: Lay it on thick and keep it chunky | #GoodGrowing

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On this week’s Good Growing Podcast, we welcome Emily Swihart back to talk about mulch! Learn about what mulch is, what it’s good for, what mulches we should avoid using, and why our mulch should be thick and chunky. We also dispel some common misconceptions about mulch.
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  00:30 – Welcome, Ken and Emily, and Chris’ existential crisis
  02:45 – What is mulch, and what is it good for?
  04:50 – What are our favorite types of mulch?
  09:20 – Any drawback to using woodchips as mulch?
  12:12 – Most effective mulch attributes
  14:15 – Much repelling water
  15:25 – Is rubber mulch a good choice?
  18:25 – Are rocks and landscape fabric a good mulch option?
  23:40 – Astroturf as a mulch?
  25:25 – Is allelopathy a problem with mulch?
  26:50 – Will mulch from diseased trees infect plantings?
  31:06 - Will decomposing wood mulch tie up nitrogen in the soil?
  32:00 – Should we or should we not use landscape fabric?
  33:45 – Is there a best time of year to put mulch down in the landscape?
  40:10 - Wrap-up, thank yous, what’s up next week, and goodbye!
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