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Ep. 166 Grow something new with us: Good Growing Grow Along | #GoodGrowing

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February 23, 2024
Episode Show Notes / Description
Do you like growing new things in the garden? Then come grow along with us! On this week’s Good Growing Podcast, we roll out our newest project, the Good Growing Grow Along. We’ve selected six new plants/cultivars to grow in our gardens, and you can grow them along with us. We also discuss some new plants that have been in the news lately.
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  00:30 – Welcome, Ken and Emily!
  01:45 – What’s new in the plant world in 2024? – glowing petunias
  06:50 – What’s new in the plant world in 2024? – purple tomatoes
  13:00 – Is there a benefit to growing new things in the garden?
  18:03 – Introducing the Good Growing Grow Along!   
     22:00 – Runner Bean ‘Black Knight’
     23:50 – Okra ‘Candle Fire’
     27:45 – Mizuna ‘Japanese Pink’
     30:45 – Acorn Squash ‘Honey Bun’
     33:20 – Cucumber ‘Lemon Cuke’
     37:05 – Southern Pea (Cow Pea) ‘Hog Brain’
  41:20 – How do I participate in the Good Growing Grow Along?
  47:00 – Wrap-up, thank yous, what’s up next week, and goodbye!
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