Evangeline S. Pianfetti Photo
Outreach Associate, Research & Fellowships
1401 S Maryland Drive, Champaign, IL 61801

I am the Extension Outreach Associate, Research and Fellowship for the University of Illinois Extension helping to support their fellowship and grant programs and launch their new Extension & Public Engagement Connection Center (EPECC).  Previously, I was the Professional Development Coordinator for the Illinois Shared Learning Environment for the Illinois State Board of Education and for the IlliniCloud. I previously worked for the University of Illinois for more than 20 years, where I served as the Assistant Dean of Learning Technologies, and the Director of the Office of Educational Technology (OET). I also was adjunct faculty with the Departments of Educational Psychology and Special Education, developing and teaching numerous online and face-to-face courses. I was elected to the Champaign City Council in 2017 representing District 5.  I am a member of the CU Schools Foundation Board and the Champaign Center Partnership Board.