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Mohammad Babadoost

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Extension Specialist, Plant Pathology

N-533A Turner Hall 1102 S Goodwin Ave Urbana IL 61801

Program Areas
Faculty and Extension Specialist

Dr. Babadoost develops solutions for vegetable and fruit crop diseases. He is internationally renowned for identifying effective disease management strategies for cucurbits, tomatoes, peppers, horseradish, basil, and apples. He also educates scientists in developing countries to improve production and quality of food crops.

My extension program emphasizes outreach education and integrated management of vegetable and fruit crops. Problem solving is the main goal of my extension program. I provide disease management information to vegetable and fruit growers using technologies that range from very old fashion, but accurate, to web delivery. I participate in winter schools, conduct field demonstration programs, and provide references in order to educate the growers on identification of diseases, understand disease characteristics, and benefits of IPM practices in disease management. The following are a summary of my efforts in providing information on management of vegetable and fruit crops diseases. 

Publications. I prepare and publish various extension publications including: (i) Fact Sheets (RPDs), (ii) annually revised production and spray guides, (iii) newsletter articles, (iv) articles for proceedings of extension meeting, and (v) handouts for the meetings. 

Disease diagnosis. I receive specimens of diseased plants from extension personnel, cooperate with University of Illinois Plant Clinic, and growers for diagnosis. I also receive images of diseased plants via the distance diagnosis program.