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Insect Pests Videos

Living with Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are one of the most destructive ornamental pests found in Illinois, and unfortunately they’re here to stay. Join Extension Horticulture Educator, Ken Johnson as he discusses Japanese beetles, as well as ways you can manage them in your own landscape.

What's That Bug? How to Identify Insects

Have you ever spotted an insect and wondered what type of insect it was? Insects are all around us and play important roles in our ecosystems. Explore how to identify different groups of insects commonly found in Illinois.


Top 9 Vegetable Insect Pests

Learn nine of the most common and destructive insect pests in your vegetable garden and how to control them. Join University of Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator Kelly Allsup as she shares tips on identification, scouting, prevention, and organic methods of eradication. Whether you are...

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Insects with Dr. Kacie Athey

Dr. Kacie Athey is an assistant professor and faculty extension specialist at University of Illinois and contributes much of her research into non-chemical insect control in specialty crop systems. Join us as we discuss biocontrols, where to use them, and how they work.

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Climate change and insects with Kacie Athey

On this week’s Good Growing Podcast, we chat with assistant professor and faculty Extension specialist Kacie Athey about climate change and insects. We discuss what impacts our changing climate may have on insects, like will we see range expansions, more generations, more plant damage, phenology...

Summer Insect Pests in the Garden

Summertime is insect time! As our days warm up, so do our insect populations. While most are beneficial, we have a small number of pest insects that plague us every year in the garden and landscape! This week Ken and Chris chat about the most common ones we face every summer.

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Dealing with Yellowjackets

Late in the season, yellowjacket wasps can turn more aggressive. Chris Enroth explains the various control techniques he tried when encountered with an in-ground nest in his own backyard. Note: If uncomfortable or allergic to stings ALWAYS consult with a pest control professional. Chris treated...