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Weather Videos

Everyday Environment: All About Clouds

In All About Clouds, see various types of clouds, including unique clouds only seen in a few locations and what weather is expected with each variety. The Everyday Environment online webinar series, presented by University of Illinois Extension energy and environmental experts, helps individuals...

Weather: Derecho

A rare but destructive wind can move over much of the United States during certain times. Watch this video to find out what a Derecho is.

Weather: Temperature Inversions

Temperature near Earth’s surface usually decreases the higher you go from the surface, but not always. Learn why there are times when temperature gets warmer at higher elevations.

Weather: Rain Shadow

The rain shadow effect is the reason why areas on opposite sides of a mountain can have drastically different climates.

Weather: Visible Spectrum of Light

Humans see just a small fraction of all the energy the sun produces. Watch this video to learn about how energy travels in waves and how the size of those waves are visible and invisible, and what actually is received on Earth.

Weather: El Nino and La Nina

El Nino and La Nina are part of a huge natural  change in air pressure, ocean temperatures and winds in the Equatorial Pacific. Find out how these changes affect weather in the United States.

Weather: How Do Clouds Form

Clouds come in all shapes and sizes. Some are made of tiny water droplets, others have ice crystals. This video describes how clouds are created.