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Naturalist News 2023

close up photo of insect hole on tree

Cantankerous cavities

Most cavities in a tree are caused by some type of living organism, either an animal or a pathogen of some sort. Some cavities will only be found in dead trees or a portion of a live tree with dead wood. Other cavities can be in otherwise completely healthy trees. Let’s take a look at some of the...
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Fire with orange, red, and yellow flames

The Changing Sentiment of Prescribed Fire

When I was a child, I remember fondly the US Forest Service (USFS) forest fire prevention commercials containing the slogan, “only you can prevent forest fires.” We were a camping family, so we were careful to follow safety rules when we cooked with fire at our campsites. As a student and a young...
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Tornado touching down over green field and buildings

Tornado trends

In today’s world, it appears that everyone has seen or experienced a tornado up close and personal, at least from all the video that is available on social media.  The fact is many people have only seen pictures or video and have not experienced a real tornado. However, their chances may be getting...
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white flowers on a tree

Grassland teaches a lesson on Callery Pear

Spring has sprung! Birds are active, insects are emerging, and the early bloomers are starting to show their bright flowers indicating the cold days of winter are almost behind us. You may notice the brilliant displays of blooming trees, particularly a white one, that feels like it is THE tree for...
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