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Scholars Speak 2022

2022 ISPP Scholars stand with President Killeen, College of ACES Admin and PepisCo Director of Gov Affairs, Armando Saleh

December? Already!

If only the days on the calendar slowed to match my to-do list, more blogs would be written, more work would get done. But here we are and it’s December already, and I am just getting back to blogging. But what a year it has been for Illinois Extension’...
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2023 ISPP Scholar Oluwaseun Ojo at his desk at the Illinois Department of Ag

In his own words: Oluwaseun Ojo

As an ISPP Scholar, Oluwaseun Ojo is appointed with the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Division of Natural Resources. His work is significant in analyzing and identifying the range of barriers currently impacting the implementation of climate-smart agriculture in Illinois and working towards...
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2022 Scholar Cohort

2022: A new year: Continued progress and promise

2021 came and went. At times, it felt like if you blinked, you have would miss it. At others, it seemed like time was standing still. Time was such a strange construct. So much of what was going on was navigating a new normal. And for many of us, a new understanding of expectations and how best to...
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