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Our Illinois 4-H Story 2020

My perspective: A member's story on virtual 4-H

Editor Note: At midnight Aug. 31, the 4-H year will end and a new year begin. In a summer filled with challenges, one 4-H member rose above the hardship and lived her 4-H pledge: To Make the Best Better (in a virtual world). By: Ava Anderson Ellery Panther's...
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Tree Stand Safety

4-H stressing tree stand safety for hunters

It wasn’t that long ago a teenage boy was working a part-time job at a family-owned tree nursery when he was privy to a conversation between the business owners about the loss of young trees due to whitetail deer browsing and antler rubbing.    The boy’s interest peaked on the...
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photo of 4H members

4-H provides hope, food to Southern Illinois

Edwards County 4-H members answered the call to help their neighbors, just when it is needed most.  Prior to the stay-at-home order in March, 22 4-H members and 15 volunteers met at the Country Financial Hall in Albion and packed meals for the area food banks. One in four Illinois children...
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Fishing and 4-H - Details Lead to Mastery

It’s no secret that some people are simply better at fishing than others. Nice equipment is helpful, but only in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. A $150 graphite fishing rod is a great tool, but it won’t catch a fish if the knot tied to the hook unravels because it was poorly tied...
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Outdoor Recreation and Risk Sensibility: COVID-19

Let me start by making a very low-risk assumption that if you’re reading this, you do not need any more convincing that outdoor recreation is good for every single part of your body. It’s good for the 4 H’s of 4-H: Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. Through dozens of methods, 4-H doesn’t just preach...
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Message from Illinois 4-H

One thing we can count on during uncertain times is our 4-H values. Now, more than ever, Illinois youth need their 4-H family. Together, youth and adults can use this time to demonstrate values like independence, belonging, generosity and mastery. The lessons Illinois youth learn...
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Just Follow That Stick

The spring rains had our family cooped up for several days. Little League practice was cancelled, and the stingray bike I had been riding in circles in the empty garage now had a flat tire. Eight years old; nowhere to go; nothing to do. As I sat there dejected, my mom entered the garage...
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