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Our Illinois 4-H Story 2021

Helping youth develop an attitude of gratitude

The season for giving has come to a close, but if your kids are more focused on all that they can get this time of year, how about trying a gratitude practice?  Studies have shown that people who regularly practiced gratitude were found to have lower rates of depression, more impulse control, and...
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5 ways to practice food advocacy this holiday season

The holiday season is upon us! No matter which holiday you’re celebrating, December is a busy month. Between shopping for your loved ones and preparing those traditional family recipes, you may not have much time to consider that there are easy things you can do to create environmental or social...
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How national networking opportunities help grow true leaders

This past month ten youth from Illinois were able to attend the 100th National 4-H Congress. This was a five day event held in Atlanta, GA where they were able to take part in many activities such as workshops hosted by individuals from high level universities, fun sightseeing, and a morning of...
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hands planting a tree

Going green, one tree at a time

OK, I get it.   We’ve changed our environment in ways that need immediate attention. So what can I do? We need to improve our water quality. Storm water runoff with too many nutrients needs reduced. We need to become “carbon neutral” by producing less CO2 gas and find more ways to absorb and hold (...
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What I learned as Youth Leadership Team President

“To make the best better”—We all know the 4-H motto by heart. As 4-H members and supporters, this is what unites us—the passion and perseverance to take something that is great and pour our head, heart, and hands into creating something even better. Over the past four years of my time on the...
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What I learned with the 'Big M'

As I reflect on my years of being a 4-H member, most of my time was spent in the Shooting Sports program at my SPIN Club. When I first started shooting, I was seven years old, out at a local gun camp. The first gun I ever owned was a pink Crickett rifle. As I grew and entered 4-H, my father took me...
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How shooting sports helped me grow In my 4-H career

4-H has given me so many opportunities, especially through Shooting Sports. When I started 4-H, I didn't feel l like I would really fit in with everyone because it was all about farming and raising animals, but that wasn't the case. Shooting Sports opened a huge opportunity for me and made me feel...
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Ways youth can build their leadership skills

Building your leadership skills can seem scary or unachievable, but 4-H teaches us that nothing is unachievable. Here are three easy ways to build your leadership skills.   It is important to note that everyone has leadership skills! 1.  Identify someone who you have observed to have good...
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Text that says "4-H Celebrates Native American Heritage Month"

7 ways youth can celebrate Native American Heritage Month

4-H celebrates Native American Heritage Month! Every November we celebrate the history, heritage, traditions, and culture of Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. Here are some ideas of how youth and 4-H clubs can help celebrate this month! Learn  Learn more...
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Colorful fan with the text "celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month"

8 ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

¡Feliz Mes de la Herencia Hispana! Hispanic Heritage Month is observed each year September 15th - October 15th. This month celebrates not only the histories and cultures, but also the contributions of American citizens whose ancestors come from the Caribbean, Spain, Mexico, and Central/South...
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ice fishing dangers thin ice

4-H skating party lessons to live by

Jake’s family farm had two ponds full of bluegill, and he had always wanted to learn how to catch them through the ice. His friend, Carmen, had been taught how to ice fish by her uncle from Wisconsin a couple years before, so they decided on a Saturday afternoon adventure to try their luck....
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