If you want to add zip and heat to your favorite entrée add a chile pepper. Peppers come in a variety of shapes, colors, range in taste from sweet and mild to hot. They are used in a wide variety of dishes from eating raw to seasoning and main dishes. 

Growing a plant from seed can be a very rewarding experience.  Here are a few tips to consider when shopping for seeds.

photo of rattlesnake master plant

When a plant has “rattlesnake” in its name, there has to be a

milkweed and butterfly

Monarch butterflies are beautiful and their migration journey is inspiring. Monarchs need milkweeds because they MUST lay their eggs on milkweed leaves.


Colorful, sweet and juicy blueberries are a summertime treat.

salad table

Leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach are one of the first things harvested from a vegetable garden.

iris flower

There aren’t very many plants that come in a wider range of color than iris. In the past 50 years, thousands of


A drive through any town or park in central Illinois and you will notice that most sycamore trees are void of any green leaves. So, what is causing this problem?