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Be Smart, Eat Well, Get Healthy 2016

Holiday Leftovers

The wrapping paper has been sent to the recycling, the tree is enjoying a second career as a bird feeder, the guests have all gone home…do you pick up a book and spend the day in front of the fireplace? Or go for a walk? Or catch the post-Christmas sales. Whatever you do, you will be haunted with...
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The First Thanksgiving

Gluten free, low sugar, no fat---doesn't that sound like a yummy Thanksgiving dinner? We could be describing a trend in modern dieting, however, what we are talking about is the first Thanksgiving. When coloring hand traced turkeys and making paper bag vests in elementary school we learned that the...
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Why School Lunch?

WHY SCHOOL LUNCH? I'll admit it—when my children were in school they brought lunch from home far more often than they purchased the school prepared lunch. I thought it made me a "better" mom. I knew exactly what they were eating, or so I thought. I justified packing their lunches...
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Halloween Treats

Ah, Halloween is just around the corner. I know you want to be good neighbors/friends/family and give the little kiddos healthy treats—but you don't want to be "that house" (the house that only gives out apples). I did a little research into "healthy Halloween treats" and it made me think of what I...
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