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News Source: by Lois Yoksoulian |Physical Sciences Editor |217-244-2788

Commercial Agriculture Educators Jesse Soule, Phillip Alberti, and Talon Becker will be hosting the annual Soil Fertility Webinar sponsored by University of Illinois Extension on February 28, 2019. Two CEU credits in Soil & Water Management, and 2.5 CEU credits in Nutrient Management will be available.

This webinar will be hosted in the U of I Extension Offices in Logan County (Lincoln, IL). Presentations will be delivered via PowerPoint and web conferencing from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and lunch will be provided.

With the extremely wet spring Illinois is experiencing producers are having a very difficult time getting their seed planted. As we approach the final planting dates for corn (June 5), producers will have to take into consideration many factors to make the most profitable decisions on their farm.

In response to this, the Extension Commercial Agriculture team and Extension specialists have put together a "Late Planting Checklist" for producers. We hope this checklist can provide answers to common questions producers may have.