As American Heart Month wraps up, and after a recent news statement about women and heart attacks, providing data and facts about heart health and heart attack warning signs in women seems appropriate.

What is Heart Disease you ask?

Teen dating violence (TDV) has surfaced as a significant public health issue as incidence of TDV has escalated substantially in recent years. Research by the U.S. Department of Justice (2003) found that one in three high school students have been or will be involved in an abusive relationship.

2015 is the 20th anniversary of National Public Health Week! What exactly is public health you might ask? The World Health Organization (2015) defines public health as "all organized measures (whether public or private) to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong life among the population as a whole". The activities of public health aim to provide conditions in which people can be healthy and focus on entire populations, not on individual patients or diseases.

It's here, It's here, It's here…..

Yes… Summer is finally here (after a long winter) but we have to make sure we are prepared for the Sun!! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2015) skin cancer is the number one cancer in the United States which and most cases of melanoma, the deadliest kind of skin cancer, are caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light (Sun)

Exercise more, lose those extra pounds, handle stress better, these resolutions seem to top the list every year for many of us. While almost everyone can relate to striving to be a healthier, stronger, stress free individual, I would like to send a friendly reminder that slow, progressive lifestyle changes are those that are not only easier to stick to, but most often bring lasting results.