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Happy Healthy New Year!

Exercise more, lose those extra pounds, handle stress better, these resolutions seem to top the list every year for many of us. While almost everyone can relate to striving to be a healthier, stronger, stress free individual, I would like to send a friendly reminder that slow, progressive lifestyle changes are those that are not only easier to stick to, but most often bring lasting results.

While it may be tempting to swear off carbs, fats and sweets forever, moderation is key. Be sure to cut yourself some slack when you "fall off the wagon" and have that cookie or skip a scheduled day at the gym. Nutrition and fitness experts agree it is important to allow yourself occasional treats as well as celebrate your accomplishments as you reach benchmarks.

So eat those veggies, get your body moving, schedule time for relaxation, and enjoy that piece of cake when important life celebrations come about! Cheers to a happy, healthy, 2015 for all!