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ILRiverHort 2020


Popular houseplants: Is it philodendron or pothos?

Two houseplants that are often confused with each other are philodendron and pothos. Many houseplants are referred to as philodendron, but most are probably actually pothos. Both are vining plants with green leaves, but they have some distinctive characteristics that will help you to tell them...
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pothos growing in aquarium

Aquarium Aquaponics

As the temperatures get colder and gardening work outside slows down, you might be looking for a plant growing project to do inside. I encourage you to try aquarium aquaponics. There is a natural mutually beneficial relationship between plants and aquatic animals such as fish. The fish are making...
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Dried flowers in vase

DIY dried flowers for Thanksgiving

Bring nature to the table this Thanksgiving by creating decorations from collected natural materials. Fall is a great time to explore outdoors and use what you find almost directly in arrangements after gathering. Dry not Damp Make sure to collect when material is dry. Damp material breaks down...
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Garden journal info graphic

Garden Journal: A helpful gardening tool

What was that really excellent pepper variety we grew last year?  What type of tomato was resistant to disease?  Those are the types of questions we think we will always remember the answer to, but now we are coming into the 2020 garden season; some of those details...
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praying manthis in zinnia

Wildlife-friendly gardens add more enjoyment and interest

Do you enjoy watching bees buzzing around your flowers, butterflies resting in the sun, or a fat toad sitting in a shady spot? Making your garden wildlife-friendly starts with knowing what will attract birds, insects, and animals to your yard. Wildlife needs water, a food source, shelter, and space...
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