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Straight Stalk 2016

New Corn Disease Identified in Illinois

Extension Staff Join with other Agencies to Survey Illinois for New Corn Disease The USDA just announced the presence of Bacterial leaf streak in corn, as determined by recent surveys of the Corn Belt states. In Illinois, a cooperative survey was organized with APHIS-PPQ (Animal Plant Health Inspection Service), IDA (Illinois Department of Agriculture), CAPS (Illinois Natural History Survey's Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey) and University of Illinois Extension to provide...
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Don't Just Assume it's Sudden Death Syndrome

One of the most feared diseases of soybean is Sudden Death Syndrome(SDS). In quick fashion a previously perfect looking soybean field can deteriorate. The sight of yellow and brown soybean leaves with green veins is the first indication farmers have that they have a problem.We sometimes forget that these foliar symptoms can also indicate a Brown stem rot problem. To determine the actual cause you need to split the stem open. Brown stem rot will cause the normally solid white pith in the center...
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