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person jumping with joy in front of vibrant sunset

5 ways to bring more joy to your life

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, what do you do? You have two options: keep doing what you’re doing or try one of these happy hacks to bring a smile back to your face and ultimately boost your mood. Here are five simple ways to bring more joy to your life right now.  ...
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a brain made up of different healthy foods

Adopt a brain-healthy lifestyle, its a no-brainer!

Today we’ll be talking about brain health in honor of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month so if you have a brain, this information is for you! Your brain is the most complex organ you have and it’s always changing. This process is called brain plasticity. The brain is able to grow new...
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healthy shift ideas like using olive oil instead of butter, eating quinoa instead of white rice and choosing sugar-free beverages over soda and juice.

Shift your habits for better nutrition

Happy National Nutrition Month®! This is a great time of year to reevaluate your eating pattern to determine if it’s working for you. Are you getting the healthful foods you need to live your best life? An eating pattern represents all of the food and drink choices you make from...
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Show your heart some love with these 3 lifestyle tips

Here are three heart smart behaviors in honor of American Heart Month in February. #1. Focus on foods that have heart healthy benefits. This includes: Foods high in fiber like whole fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Soluble fiber, like that found in oatmeal, can help lower your...
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photos of person eating Mediterranean salad next to photo of Mediterranean food ingredients

Age well with the Mediterranean diet

Instead of saying 'diet', I like to use the term 'eating pattern' which refers to the quantities, proportions, variety, or combinations of different foods and beverages that are habitually consumed over a long period of time. Dietary patterns can help predict health later in life. The...
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