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variety of herbs, garlic, tomatoes and cooking utensils

Herbs: from garden to kitchen

July is perhaps my favorite month. I love the summer heat, the cookouts, festivals, fireworks and all of the fresh food from the garden. It's also my birthday month so...what's not to love?! My herbs are in full force right now and it's a great time to maximize their use in the kitchen. I like to...
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a jar of homemade herbal jelly next to the jelly on toast and a sprig of mint

How to make herbal jelly

One reason I love July is the abundance of herbs growing in my garden. They are beautiful additions to the landscape and they smell wonderful when you brush past them. My favorite thing to do is incorporate them into new and old recipes alike. I like to enhance my meals with a fresh and earthy...
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variety of herbs hanging

7 reasons to grow & use fresh herbs

These are my top 7 reasons why you should grow and use fresh herbs more often They are always available- herbs are easy to grow year round. I am in constant need of herbs whether I'm cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner and it would be a major pain if I had to keep running back to...
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