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Workforce development

Remote work offers potential benefits for Illinois’ rural communities

Many rural areas in the U.S. Midwest have been experiencing net population losses for years, raising concerns about the survival of these communities.1 Fewer people mean not only a reduced workforce and diminished taxpayer base, but also fewer customers for local businesses, lower participation rates in community institutions (faith-based organizations, civic leadership, social service professionals2, etc.) and even reduced social-networking opportunities (lessening the community’s...
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Update on unemployment and aid claims

Unemployment claims nationwide are soaring. According to the Department of Labor, in the week ending March 28, 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits – doubling the previous week’s level of 3.3 million. In March, the State of Illinois began issuing stay-at-home orders and non-essential businesses were told to cease operations temporarily. Many essential businesses have restructured their operations as a result of the new social distancing...
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