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Street flooding? Your neighborhood right of way could be part of the solution

Many of us are willing to do something different with our front yards if it results in a positive environmental impact, according to a survey by the Extension CED Sustainable Communities team. We asked people about putting rain gardens in their right of ways. These are gardens, between the sidewalk and the street in residential neighborhoods, designed to catch rainwater from houses, sidewalks, and driveways before it gets to the storm sewer. These gardens can reduce street and basement...
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Why you should care about natural resources in Illinois

You probably don't think Illinois has much to offer in the natural resource department. We don't have soaring mountains or endless oceans, but Illinois's natural resources probably impact your life more than you think. I am not going to argue with you about whether or not our sliver of Lake Michigan, the Shawnee National Forest, or the Mississippi, Ohio, Illinois, and other rivers stack up against surrounding states. I won't spend time singing the praises the habitat Illinois provides for many...
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