Skye Lewis ISP Scholar and Tiffany HighTower Executive Director ILBC

As an ISP Scholar, Skye Lewis is appointed with the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus/Black Caucus Foundation. Her work is significant in looking at culturally responsive healthcare for underserved communities in Illinois and enhancing her own knowledge and expertise so that she is a better steward for Black and Brown communities. Skye shared some thoughts with me about the ISP program, and her work so far.

Why did you apply for the Illini Science Policy Program?

ISP Scholar Susan Ogwal in front of tractor at farm progress show

As an ISP Scholar, Susan Ogwal is appointed with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Juliana Stratton. Her work is significant in amplifying the voices that are most challenged by food insecurities around our state.. Susan shared some thoughts with me about the ISP program, and her work so far.

2022 Scholar Cohort

2021 came and went. At times, it felt like if you blinked, you have would miss it. At others, it seemed like time was standing still. Time was such a strange construct. So much of what was going on was navigating a new normal. And for many of us, a new understanding of expectations and how best to manage those expectations.

Season's Greeting from the EPECC team

It would be easy to look at 2020 and only focus on all the challenges that arose this past year – many unexpected, and as we have all come to learn - unprecedented. But here at the Extension and Public Engagement Connection Center (EPECC), we are all about making connections for what lies ahead, for taking on the challenges and adapting what we do for who we serve, in order to have the best possible outcomes.