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Change is in the air

It's that time of year when the minds of 4-H storytellers turn to impact reports. My understanding of impact has changed in the years since I first studied ag communications in the basement of Mumford Hall. It took real life to show me what my professors tried so hard to teach me. Impact isn't what I did; impact is WHAT CHANGED IN OTHERS because I did something. In my early days "doing" 4-H work, I thought it was enough that I held events. I counted heads in the room and thought I was doing...
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We're listening

We're listening now more than ever. Jump over to and look at the new Illinois 4-H website. Yeah, we did that! Illinois 4-H is a thriving, growing, vital program reaching nearly 200,000 Illinois youth a year. In the past five years, while other youth organizations have faced a decline, Illinois 4-H has grown and not just a tiny amount. We've grown 24 percent. We're working harder to represent all Illinois youth. Hispanic club...
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