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4-H members learn you have to crack a few eggs every now and then

The next time you use the phrase "walking on eggshells," you'll think of a group of 4-H afterschool youth in Decatur who actually walked on eggs as part of their 4-H embryology project study. In addition to hatching chicks, the youth studied the egg structure, and to illustrate her points, 4-H Program Coordinator Dena Hyde challenged the youth to walk on the eggs. Skeptical at first, the 4-H youth gained confidence as each one walked across a flat of eggs with very little breakage. Read more...
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Getting Personal: Conner's Cluckers instills hope

Youth can and do make a difference in their communities, and Sparta (Randolph County) Lincoln eighth grader Conner Stewart is among them. Conner sells or donates farm-fresh eggs to a variety of local people and the Sparta Food Pantry through his enterprise, Conner's Cluckers. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 18 months. His mother Charlene said that was a frightening moment because Conner was not verbal. In the third grade, Conner followed his sister Michaela into 4-H. Charlene leads...
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