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plants in winter

Providing winter hospitality to wildlife

Providing winter hospitality to both vertebrate (birds mammals, lizards, etc.) and invertebrate (insects, spiders, worms, etc) wildlife is an important consideration when tidying the garden at the end of the season. It really is a balancing act on how much fall cleanup to do. On the one hand,...
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Labeling is an Important feature of a plant collection

When you collect plants, it is rather useful to label and record everything added to the garden. I wish I had started sooner. I did not do this the first few years of starting my current garden, so many of my oldest plants are unknown down to cultivar and remain unlabeled. After a few years, I...
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Ravaging rodents and fall planted bulbs

Chipmunk or squirrel, it doesn’t matter, cuteness only goes so far! Most especially after the little fiends have dug up several of the spring-blooming flower bulbs and garlic I had just planted the day before. My normal practice of firming the soil over the bulbs, watering, and covering with...
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