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cranberry plant

Spice up your November with cranberries

October just left us with blistery cold snowy reminder that the growing season is over. Now we can turn our focus to our families, friends, and neighbors to celebrate the holidays together. When I think of November two things come to my mind - turkeys and cranberries. Americans consume nearly 400...
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rocks painted to look like strawberries

Planting and protecting strawberries

Summer is the prime time to enjoy the sweet treat of strawberries (Fragaria species). While we’re approaching the Fourth of July, believe it or not, there is still time now to plant them for future enjoyment. Plan your patch June-bearing strawberries provide one large crop of bigger berries and...
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fingers holding a small, unripe, green strawberry and white blossom

Planting Summer’s Treat: Strawberries

Strawberries (Fragaria species) are one of summer’s best treats, and there is still time now in May to plant them.   Choose the cultivar June-bearing strawberries provide one large crop of bigger berries and everbearing strawberries produce smaller berries throughout the growing season. There...
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Do a little 2022 garden planning

Now that you have cleared off the coffee table and the kitchen counter from the holiday catalogs, the next pile will be gardening solicitations and more catalogs.   Historically, this time of year was when gardeners ordered to get the hard-to-find seeds, perennial plants, and certain varieties of...
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Ordering seeds from garden catalogs

January begins the annual flight of vegetable, flower, and fruit tree catalogs to your mailbox (or your email inbox). Depending on your level of gardening, the catalogs may arrive frequently and in mass. It used to be you received a...
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Expected and unexpected spring pruning

Given our milder winter, gardeners may be surprised with the need to do some pruning on shrubs that are typically considered hardy in our area. It is not uncommon to find a bit of winter dieback where last years’ growth was actively growing late in the summer or where we got a bit carried away and...
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Incredible Cranberries

Seems fitting to give a nod to cranberries in this week’s column, given the time of year. Whether strung with popcorn on Christmas trees, or as dishes at Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, cranberries are a seasonal favorite. Once eaten only a couple times a year, they now can be found in the...
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