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Popular houseplants: Is it philodendron or pothos?

Two houseplants that are often confused with each other are philodendron and pothos. Many houseplants are referred to as philodendron, but most are probably actually pothos. Both are vining plants with green leaves, but they have some distinctive characteristics that will help you to tell them...
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pothos growing in aquarium

Aquarium Aquaponics

As the temperatures get colder and gardening work outside slows down, you might be looking for a plant growing project to do inside. I encourage you to try aquarium aquaponics. There is a natural mutually beneficial relationship between plants and aquatic animals such as fish. The fish are making...
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Herbal Tea

Herbal teas for relaxation

Written by Rhonda Ferree, retired horticulture educator I retire on October 1 after 30 years with University of Illinois Extension. I've decided to focus my last couple columns on my favorite plants. I'll start with herbs. As most of my regular readers know, I grow a lot of herbs and use...
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Prepare now for Christmas blooms

Written by Rhonda Ferree, retired horticulture educator Although Christmas is still a couple of months away, it is time to begin preparing some of them to flower during the holiday season. This typically involves changing their environment in some way to force them into bloom....
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Air plants grow well in terrariums

Written by Rhonda Ferree, retired horticulture educator On a recent trip to Ft. Myers, Florida I visited the Edison & Ford Winter Estates where I toured their homes, gardens, laboratories, and museum. The plant collections there are fascinating, especially all the rubber trees they...
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January Garden Tasks

Written by Rhonda Ferree, retired horticulture educator Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of gardening tasks you can do in January. Here are some to consider. For those of you who received poinsettias or other flowering holiday plants, be sure that they are near a bright window...
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Poisonous Houseplants

Written by Rhonda Ferree, retired horticulture educator Do your pets eat nibble on your houseplants. If so, Rhonda Ferree, Horticulture Educator with University of Illinois Extension, suggests that you should take a good look at your houseplants to assure poisonous ones are not within...
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Easter Lilies Signal Spring

Written by Rhonda Ferree, retired horticulture educator Easter is just around the corner. Have you purchased you Easter lily yet? If not, be sure to choose an Easter lily with lots of unopened buds for longer bloom enjoyment. Easter lily history The popular Easter lily is the Christian...
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