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How well do you know weather: Let's try another quiz

weather map with Q&A icon on top of it

A few months ago, I posted a quiz with several weather questions for people to try to answer. It seemed to go over well, so here is round two. I’ll post the answers in a few weeks.

  1. True or False, The United States experiences a monsoon. 
  2. Freezing rain starts as ______ before it freezes.
  3. Seasons are created by changes in ____      ________.
  4. Carbon dioxide was discovered to be a greenhouse gas in  A. The 1800s B. 1974  C. 2003.
  5. True or False, Water can remain a liquid below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. According to a 1970s song, this never happens in Southern California.
  7.  As air sinks in the atmosphere, these two things happen to it.
  8. True or False, Home runs are more likely when the air is dry.
  9. High pressure is associated with _______ weather.
  10. Polar regions generally have _____ relative humidity.

Good luck, and hope you have a great holiday season! 

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Duane Friend is an energy and environmental stewardship educator with University of Illinois Extension, serving the organization in many roles since 1993. Duane provides information and educational programs to adult and youth audiences in the areas of soil quality, weather and climate, energy conservation, and disaster preparedness. These programs provide practical solutions for families, farms, and communities.  He assists families in creating a household emergency plan, farmers with the implementation of soil management and conservation practices, and local government officials and business owners with energy conservation techniques.

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