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All About Weather

Let's see whether you know your weather: Take the quiz

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It's scorching outside. Stay inside and take our most recent weather quiz.

  1.  T or F: Due to the Greenhouse Effect, the Earth takes in more heat from the sun than it gives off.
  2. An increase in temperature the higher you go in the atmosphere is called a ____ ____.
  3. The eye of a hurricane has calm winds and clear skies because the air is doing what there?
  4. T or F: Visible band satellite imagery is equally useful day or night.
  5. If the outside temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity is 100%, what is the dew point temperature?
  6. In a 1969 pop hit, singer B.J. Thomas said these were falling on his head.
  7. Cloud seeding typically uses ____  ____ to enhance chances for precipitation.
  8. Low pressure is associated with ____   weather.
  9. As air rises in the atmosphere, these two things happen to it.
  10. T or F: Large tornadoes often have multiple funnels.

I’ll provide the answers in a few weeks.

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MEET THE AUTHOR: Duane Friend is the Illinois Master Naturalist Coordinator and Climate Specialist with University of Illinois Extension, serving the organization in many roles since 1993. Duane provides information and educational programs to adult and youth audiences in the areas of soil quality, weather and climate, energy conservation, and disaster preparedness. These programs provide practical solutions for families, farms, and communities.  He assists families in creating a household emergency plan, farmers with the implementation of soil management and conservation practices, and local government officials and business owners with energy conservation techniques.