Healthy Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy provides a focus on improving mental and physical health for the Near North East Bluff Neighborhood in the city of Peoria. The study looked at effects that neighborhood quality,housing quality, housing affordability, social capital and green space have on mental and physical health.

  • This report contextualizes socioeconomic conditions within Census Tract 24 (which encompasses most of the research area) and compares these with the overall socioeconomic conditions in the city of Peoria.
  • Provides an overview of interview responses from residents and business owners in the neighborhood. This section details major themes including Positive Aspects of the Neighborhood, Opportunities for Improvement, Opinions about the city of Peoria, and Interviewee Visions for the Future.
  • Highlights responses from three separate surveys given to residents, middle-school aged youths, and local business owners or managers of public institutions. This section also shows major themes that emerge in surveys and interviews including the following:• Good Neighbors• Inexpensive cost of home ownership• Close to amenities/friends• Absentee Landlords/Need for Better Property Upkeep• Need for Community Cohesion/Spaces to Build Social Capital• Need for Increased Neighborhood Safety.
  • Provides recommendations based on themes that emerged in the research. These recommendations include the following:• Address Blight and Absentee Landlords• Increase Community Safety, and• Increase Opportunities for Community-Building• Explore possibilities for partnerships with local nonprofit hospitals. The recommendations present a vision for a neighborhood that promotes mental and physical health through community togetherness and support, safety, and upkeep of housing stock.
  • Discusses final report presentation provided to Von Steuben Middle School PTO.

Each opportunity for engagement with the neighborhood provided a rich learning exchange for both neighborhood residents and Rachel Wilson, UIUC Graduate student. This reciprocal learning exchange is our primary purpose for conducting campus engagement activities.  Neighborhood Association, School Administration, Students, Churches, East Bluff Neighborhood Center and Community Development/Planning Staff City of Peoria were active partners promoting learning and discovery.

The plan provides recommendations that can be implemented using a phased in approach, each step seeking to strengthen community leadership and strengthen opportunities for improved health in the built environment.

Healthy Neighborhood Revitalization in Peoria, Illinois

Kathleen Brown Extension Educator Community & Economic Development -