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Greater Peoria Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) collaborated with the Greater Peoria Economic Development Council and University of Illinois Extension during this past year as part of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) planning process....
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drawing of lots of types of transporation and city skyline

Moving Toward Transportation Equity: A Case Study

Transportation moves us. Jobs, school, health clinics, grocery stores, recreational facilities, and more would be impossible to get to without adequate service and infrastructure. But history shows that the benefits of transportation have not been distributed equitably, and historically...
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Pekin Corridor Plan

In late November, University of Illinois Extension collaborated with Hanson Engineering, City of Pekin, and UIUC Department of Urban and Regional Planning in conducting a planning study. The study looked at the area's needs, assets and opportunities with the focus on better serving residents,...
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{re}Imagine West Main Sets Stage for Progress

School of Architecture students worked with City of Peoria’s Innovation Team to begin small changes that will lead to big impacts in one Peoria neighborhood. Improving the livability of our towns and cities commonly starts at the street, block, or building scale. While larger...
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