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September 16 is Global Female Condom Day!

Global Female Condom day was founded in 2012 when advocates took action to expand awareness around and access to female condoms. September 16 is now known nationally as the day many individuals and organizations come together to increase knowledge, availability, and use of female condoms. Female condoms serve as a powerful tool for protection against pregnancy, STIs & HIV. Female condoms are recognized by leading health authorities as an essential component of reproductive health and HIV programs. Female condoms:

  • Are comparable to male condoms in preventing pregnancy and STIs, including HIV
  • Offer increased protection against skin-to-skin STIs by covering the external genitalia
  • Increase the overall number of protected sex acts because people have multiple choices for protection
  • Can help receptive partners negotiate safer sex in some situations when male condom use is not possible
  • Offer people with latex sensitivities an option for dual protection
  • Are pre-lubricated, which offer post-menopausal women a solution to vaginal dryness


The 2014 Global Female Condom Day theme is "Dance4Demand". If you would like participate in the third annual Global Female Condom day by hosting your own event check out the details at: