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Community Health: Education, Prevention & Inspiration

Preventive healthcare

An apple way keeps the doctor away. How many times have we heard that familiar adage?

While it refers to the fact that eating apples, or any nutritious food, can keep you healthy and hopefully save you a trip to the doctor's office, visiting the doctor is not necessarily just for sick people. A visit to the doctor is a way to keep you healthy. Vaccines, screenings, counseling and education all take place during a preventive care visit to your primary care physician and are key components for your health.

You see, doctor's visits are not just so that you get treated for an illness or to be prescribed medication. These visits can help prevent diseases and other health issues. In order to do so, doctors need to check for diseases early so that they can be treated sooner and the patient has a better outcome. Seeing your doctor will also help you make informed health decisions as there are resources to help educate you.

Additionally, in 2010, the healthcare reform law more commonly known as the Affordable Care Act was passed and requires that most insurance plans pay for these preventive services, so if there is a cost it is minimal to you.

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