What I Do and Why It Matters - Ian Goslin

Ian Goslin standing a podium talking to a group

Ian Goslin, Horticulture Program Coordinator


 “I coordinate the delivery of high- quality horticultural education and volunteer action that are rooted in research-based knowledge and a commitment to inclusion and care. This empowers individuals and groups to build enriching, healthful, and environmentally sound communities that bring joy and growth to the residents of our four counties.”

Ian joined University of Illinois Extension in early 2017 following a global career in the corporate world and many years in the non-profit arena. He is also an Extension Master Naturalist volunteer.



  • B.D., University of London
  • A.K.C, King’s College London
  • M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary
  • M.S., University of Scranton


  •  Education Program Coordination 
  •  Volunteer Recruitment and Support     
  • Community Relations and Impact
  • Strategic Program Development


Seeing volunteers grow and draw not only on their horticultural training but on their life experience and skills too: engineering, farming, nursing, design, project management,  logistics, teaching, mechanics, contracting, medicine, counseling, research, etc. All of these and more combine to bring life-enhancing benefits to our communities through Master Gardener action.



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