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Extension Snapshots

What I Do and Why It Matters - Deb Donaldson

Deb Donaldson discussing nutrition to others

Deb Donaldson has worked with many young children, teens, new moms, and elderly people during her 19 years as an EFNEP instructor. She enjoys teaching nutrition and cooking skills.

“I help a wide variety of people (youth, teens, new moms, elderly, etc.) learn how to eat better, cook homemade food, follow a budget, and live a healthier life.  I’ve done this long enough to see how the new skills people learn gets passed down to their children and grandchildren.”

Examples of Deb's Program Partners

  • Crittenton Center
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Southside Mission
  • Carver Center
  • Peoria County WIC and DHS

Favorite Extension Memory

“I love working with teens. One of my favorite programs was at East Peoria High School, an alternative program for neglected and abused teens. This group of young people were so accepting and eager to learn. I enjoyed their participation and efforts. Their teacher told me they always looked forward to nutrition. I did too. One of their favorite recipes we made was beef stroganoff and fruit smoothies from the Cooking with EFNEP cookbook.”



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