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Live your bucket list

If I asked, "what's on your bucket list?" most people would know what I mean. If not, a bucket list is a list of things that you want to try, experience or accomplish in your lifetime. There are many benefits to creating and working on your own bucket list.

A few benefits of living your Bucket List include:

  • To keep your goals and dreams in view and to help you live your life fully
  • To avoid procrastination
  • To assist in organizing your short and long range schedule or calendar
  • To serve as a reminder of what is really important to you and the goals you wish to achieve in your lifetime
  • To use your written list as a motivator to accomplish your goals
  • To gain a clearer insight on what you want from your life
It is quite common for people to procrastinate or wait for what we deem the "right" time. Life will never be perfectly packaged so I encourage you to stop waiting for the "right" time. Today take a little time and write down a couple of things that you have been meaning to do or wanting to try. Then start planning how and when you will tackle that list!

You can read more about creating your bucket list here.