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Kids Toy Storage

Can you relate to the picture above?  If so, read on.  If not - if your house is a clutter free zone, then maybe you should be writing this instead of me!!

Besides reducing clutter, adequate storage space for toys makes the job of clean-up easier for you and your child.  Some ideas:

Hang Them Up
     Laundry bags - Attach hooks or pegs to the wall and hang the bag within your child's reach.  Use bags with short cords for safety.
     Hammock suspended between 2 walls can hold stuffed animals.
     Shoe or garment bag that hangs over the back of the door has lots of pockets or shelves to hold all kinds of toys.  
     Ice cream buckets with lids hold several small toys together and can hang on pegs.  

Put Them On a Shelf
Shelves that slip over the back of the door can hold many toys.
     Book shelves or storage shelves - label the shelves and the toys (can use pictures for younger children) so your child knows what toys go on what shelves (all cars on the car shelf, for example).
     Dish drainer can hold books or discs.

Pack It Up
Milk crates, stackable vegetable bins, plastic storage or cardboard boxes to keep toys together.
     Oatmeal "cylinders," ice cream containers, and plastic containers for small items.
     Zip top plastic bags for puzzle pieces.  PLASTIC BAGS MUST BE KEPT AWAY FROM INFANTS AND TODDLERS.
     Suitcase that can slide underneath the bed for infrequently used toys or board games.
     Plastic garbage can with a lid for large items can be used indoors or outdoors.

Move It Around
     Laundry baskets can be easily carried from room to room.
     Rolling cart that can be rolled into another room.

You could also make an activity with your child out of decorating some of these storage items - maybe something different to do on a snowy or cold winter's day.