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Feed Your Brain for Sleep and Health Benefits

Today we have a guest blogger, Leia Kedem, Nutrition and Wellness Educator, talking about the impact nutrition has on brain health.

We Image to nourish and fuel the body, but how often do you think about feeding your mind? More and more studies are demonstrating the importance of certain nutrients for brain health. Food influences energy levels, mood, memory, and more. In this first article of two on brain health, we'll cover sleep and mood. Next time we'll look at memory and cognitive disorders.

On the most basic level, you have to know that the nervous system uses glucose – sugar – as its primary source of energy. When you go for more than a few hours without eating, it's common to get irritable and fatigued, and be less able to think clearly. Eating on a regular schedule can stop the embarrassing stomach rumbling while boosting your brain power and energy levels.

Once you've woken your brain up, focusing on certain foods can help change your brain chemistry and booImage your mood. One brain chemical, serotonin, is largely responsible for regulating mood, hunger, and sleep. So how do we leverage our food choices to enhance serotonin production?

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