Woodford Master Gardeners awarded by Brittnay Haag

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The University of Illinois Extension would like to congratulate Woodford County Master Gardeners, Nancy Carls for being recognized as a 2017 Outstanding Illinois Master Gardener, and Jack Pfaffmann for being recognized as s 2017 Sustained Excellence Award Winner.

In her four years as a Master Gardener, Nancy's volunteer services and contributions to the Master Gardener program have more than exceeded expectations for this award. The Outstanding Master Gardener Award was established to honor the best of Illinois Master Gardeners. Only the top 2% of Illinois State Master Gardeners receive this award annually. They must exceed in leadership, determination, positivity, initiative and be highly involved in the program.

Nancy became chair of the Woodford County Master Gardener plant sale in 2016. Her leadership has made the process easier for volunteer and community participation. She has streamlined the organization of the plant sale while also adding educational elements. Nancy educated the public by improving signage on the plants being sold while requesting more native and pollinator plants to be available at the sale.

Nancy is also involved in other Master Gardeners projects including speakers bureau presentations, answering questions at the Master Gardener Help Desk, and working with Junior Master Gardener programs.

Jack Pfaffmann, Master Gardener since 2001, is the recipient of the 2017 Sustained Excellence Award. The Sustained Excellence Award was established to honor Illinois Master Gardeners who have previously received the Outstanding Award and have continued to demonstrate distinction in the program. Jack has proven to be an exceptional example of the Master Gardeners. Only 10 of these awards were given this year throughout the entire state.

Jack has spent over 130 hours in the past five years, representing University of Illinois Extension on the unit, regional and state level through various committees and councils. He is currently the chair of the Woodford County Courthouse Gardens and recently expanded the gardens to include a drought tolerant landscape incorporating native Illinois plants and Spring bulbs. Jack has added educational signage and has contributed to an herb program on the courthouse lawn for the past several years.

Jack is a team player in the Woodford County Master Gardener volunteer group contributing to Junior Master Gardener programs, Gardeners' Gathering day of garden education, Eureka Library educational programs, and the Master Gardener Help Desk.

If you see Jack or Nancy working in the gardens or teaching in the community, make sure to thank them for their outstanding efforts in improving the community and helping others learn to grow.