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Get your tree pruning questions answered without even leaving the house

Get your tree pruning questions answered without even leaving the house
BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Many tree owners are apprehensive about the pruning process, but pruning is an important practice to improve structure, safety, aesthetic value, and ultimately extend the life of a tree. A well-pruned tree can be worth thousands of dollars in the landscape.
A virtual clinic on Facebook will help owners make informed decisions and exactly what limbs to prune. By, participants can upload photos and ask questions specific to their situation, and get answers from local tree experts without even leaving your own backyard.
The page is live online to find today but will be full time beginning February 26 through March 17.
Now is the right time for the task, while deciduous trees are in full dormancy, and the naked stems allow the owner to see the structure of the tree. During the growing season, which can start as early as mid-March in Central Illinois, pruning cuts can be an avenue for disease and insect infestations (a few exceptions to the rule are elms, magnolia, dogwood, walnut, birch, and maple that have a heavy sap flow, which prevents healing of the wound and should be pruned in autumn).
Visit our Master Gardeners serving Livingston, McLean, and Woodford County on Facebook throughout the pruning season for special events, tips, and workshops in the area. You can find us by searching @MidIllinoisMasterGardener.