"What's Wrong With My Tree?" Series: Common Problems and Solutions

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You are invited to attend these in-person hands on workshops designed to help you better able answer questions from the public. All the workshops will be at the Bloomington Extension office and start at 1:00. Sessions will run 60-90 minutes. The public is  invited.

The Extension office receives an extensive amount of questions regarding tree health, including the not so simple question, "what is wrong with my tree?" During this session on tree diagnosis, we will help the volunteers attempt to answer this question. Registration is available at


April 25: Illinois' Most Unwanted Invasive Pests with Kelly Estes,Agricultural Pest Survey Coordinator for University of Illinois.
Hearthe latest most unwanted insects pests in Illinois that threaten farmers, gardeners and homeowners.Kelly will discuss identifying characteristics, host preferences, where these insects are right now, and what their population means for Illinois.

May 02: Top 12 Tree Insects with Kelly Allsup,U of I Extension Horticulture Educator.
Kelly will address the most likely insect culprits of tree decline in your backyard: telltale signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and the prevention treatments available. Participants will leave with educational handouts to assist with identifying these tree insects.

May 16: Assessing Tree Health with Chris Enroth,U of I Extension Horticulture Educator.
Identify the most common environmental tree issues that cause tree decline in the landscape. Tree health can be difficult to determine, but routinely checking your tree may help you notice problems as they appear.

May 23: Tree Diseases with Diana Plewa,U of I Plant Diagnostician Outreach Specialist.
Every home owner, Master Gardener and Master Naturalists should know the eight most devastating tree diseases that come into the Plant Clinic each year. She will discuss the telltale signs and symptoms for identification, when to send plant samples to the Plant Clinic for a definitive diagnosis, as well as prevention and treatment methods.