Hydrangeas on the Mind at Eureka Library on June 25 with Ellen Culver

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She's dynamic. She is researched, and she was born to garden. She has shared her experiences growing succulents to the Eureka Library participants and is back to share her gardening observations on growing hydrangeas. The Eureka Library will be hosting University of Illinois Extension McLean County Master Gardener, Ellen Culver, on Tuesday, June 25 at 6:30 p.m. for a program "High on Hydrangeas." "Hydrangeas are the flowers you grow in your landscape to make the neighbors envious," states University of Illinois Extension Educator, Kelly Allsup.

Hydrangeas come in many forms and colors and are easy to grow with the right placement and care. Hydrangeas prefer morning sun and afternoon shade. Hydrangeas need room to grow and should be pruned at the correct time depending on the species. Hydrangeas do not do well during drought and require at least two inches of rain or supplemental watering to stay happy. Kelly states, "In my garden, the hydrangea is always the first plant to wilt and show drought stress." Hydrangeas also like additions of organic matter at the time of planting.

Ellen says, "There is a hydrangea (or two) for every garden." Come to the Eureka Library to explore the various types of hydrangeas and learn more growing information and pruning tips for this beloved plant. This presentation just may answer the often-asked question, "Why doesn't my hydrangea bloom?"

The Eureka Library is located on 202 South Main Street in Eureka, Illinois. Please call the library staff at (309) 467-2922 today to reserve your spot to attend this exclusive program.